What do you want to make, design, replace, improve, create, or explore? The possibilities are endless! Our vision is to engineer an incredibly accurate scanner, enabled with the single push of a button, at a price most anyone can afford. Once SOL is connected to your computer, and calibrated, just place your object on the turn-table, cover it with the included tent, and let SOL do its magic!

3D scanning technology can be applied at any point in a typical manufacturing cycle, saving time, money and material. 3D scanning results in higher quality, better fitting parts that are less costly to manufacture. The cost of a typical manufacturing design cycle is reduced by 75% by utilizing 3D scanning.

Tools make the Maker. At Scan Dimension, we recognize better tools enable you to achieve your desired 3D scanning and printing outcomes. We designed SOL to be accurate, precise, portable, affordable and easy to use. Turn it – make it, today.