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For additional information on sprays - visit our KB article here.

Example of how spray helped an object:

We had a customer that had a decorative shoe, that they wanted to convert into a glass.

SOL Scanning

You will notice the heel is quite black on the turn-table.

Pink Shoe

However, the glitter and jewel were capture well, but the high heel was a shining black and not captured


Using household items - dry shampoo. The SOL customer sprayed the heel and placed the high heel on the turn-table to try the scan again.


The results will astonish you - with just one pass in oversize mode this is how the high heel turned out.

Note: SOL does recommend 2 pass of an object, but for demonstration purposes you can see the quality with just 1 pass


The customer uploaded the shoe to share and we will demonstrate without color and with color in the upload.


Here is the high heel when removing color and sparkle for printing.

P3D High Heel

If you have an example or a trick to share with us, contact us.

Warning: Scan Dimension offers no warranty as to the safety of your object if you use any of the materials listed here or that you find elsewhere to improve scanning of an object. Before applying any of the sprays listed, always observe the safety precautions and review each product's label prior to usage. Scan Dimension neither directly supports nor otherwise has an affiliation with any of the products listed below.