Using the tent with the scanner

Make sure to always place the scanner inside the tent when scanning. This blacks out the scanned object and will assure the camera and laser works properly.

The scanner needs to be placed inside the tent with the cover on top. This way the table top surface will be totally blacked out and not reflecting light from the room. Also, place the scanner in a stable place - vibrations can cause calibration and scan errors due to the use of high precision laser.

Place the scanner inside the tent with the cover on even during calibration. Like on the image below:


Ad the cover on top when you start the scan and make sure no light enters the tent while scanning:


How to fold the tent

Follow the instructions below to fold the tent and place it in the case - or see the video below.

  • With the opening facing you, hold the top and bottom side on opposite ends and twist.  This will collapse the tent into a single, flat oblong shape
  • Holding an end in each hand, twist again (to make a figure-eight shape) and then fold it over.
  • Holding it in an almost circular shape with one hand, slip it into the case and zip the case/cover shut.