I received the message: Cannot access USB camera device, application is quitting now. Reconnect USB cables and start application again. 0X4000:01

While scanning there are times when a cable becomes loose. Use only USB 3.0 ports and if using a USB hub it should be powered.

Verify cables and USB connections and try again.

If it continues please try a different USB 3.0 port, and reboot your computer and restart the SOL software.

USB not connected


Sometimes, it has been a problem with the CH340 driver. The file from the link below should help with it.


Open the application, click "Uninstall" to remove the existing drivers, then click "install" which will update the CH340 driver set. Checking 'Device Manager', 'Ports' again should now report USB-SERIAL CH340


Also verify the hardware meets our requirements. Additional technical information might be found here: FAST FACTS

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