I Received the message: Since the autimatic alignment of the last scan to the model has failed. We are proceeding directly to the meshing stage. 0X5000:05

Please download the newest version of the software from the Software Install page.

Some objects are impossible to scan from more than one side. That means that for some objects, error 0x5000:05 will show up every time it is scanned from multiple sides. A couple of examples are feathers, paper object, and other pliable objects.

Pliable objects will change shape when placed in a different position, so the scanned object is not the same as the original and therefore cannot be aligned properly.

If this is multiple passes of the scan, then it rolls back to the successful scan(s) of the object.



Other things to try:

  • Ensure that the object did not move or change during the last scanning pass.
  • Verify that nothing existed on the turn-table during calibration.
  • Ensure that the scanner was placed inside the tent and the cover was properly positioned on top of the tent. This will prevent outside light from disturbing the scanning process.

If the error persists, please contact us for further information.