Error: Missing Windows Media Pack/Media Player

If you do not have the Windows Media Feature Pack installed, the SOL software will not be able to install or run. You will have to install the Media Feature Package before you try to reinstall or run the SOL software.

The Media Feature Pack can be missing from your system if you uninstalled it or uninstalled the Windows Media Player, or if you are running the special N or KN versions of Windows that do not feature the Windows Media Player / Feature pack by default. In both cases, you will have to install the Media Feature Pack in the same manor.

The Media Feature Pack is needed on the system to access the RGB camera in the SOL scanner.

The error messages

If you try to install the SOL software without the Media Feature Pack, you will get this message:

Annotation 2020-05-25 154311-

If you have the SOL software installed and then removed the Media Feature Pack / Windows Media Player. You will get this message once you try to run the SOL software:

2 Annotation 2020-05-25 154311

Solution: Installing the Media Feature Pack

Step 1

To install the Media Feature Pack please go to the following menu in the settings options:

Settings -> Apps -> Apps & Features -> Optional features - > Add a feature

3 Annotation 2020-05-25 154311-9

4 Annotation 2020-05-25 

5 Annotation 2020-05-25 154311-3

Step 2

In the list, find the “Media Feature Pack”, select it, and press Install.

6b Annotation 2020-05-25 154311-6

Step 3

7b Annotation 2020-05-25 154311-7

Reinstall or reopen the SOL software again

Make sure to restart the PC after installing the Media Feature Pack, then reinstall / reopen the SOL software.

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This should now work - if you still experience problems please contact our support and let us know you followed this guide.