My SOL scanner camera has stopped working with Monterey and newer OS updates

Date: 20/05/2022

Unfortunately, from the MacOS Monterey versions onwards, they don’t support the SOL hardware and we have therefore not been able to offer an acceptable solution for our customers. We are very sorry about this, but it is out of our hands at the moment. Hopefully future MacOS will again be able to support the SOL 3D scanner hardware, but since we don’t know this, we have decided not to promise it to new customers.

For current customers the solution offered is still running on the MacOS it was originally intended to at purchase, using one of the SOL Creator MacOS beta versions, and we can assure you that we have done and continuously will do everything we can to offer the support for newer versions of MacOS, but for now, we cannot support newer OS versions.

SOL scanner (orange scan head case) now only supports Windows (10 & 11)
SOL Pro (red scan head case) still supports boths Windows (10 & 11) and MAC OS
One solution suggested online is to try and move back to Big Sur, or create a second partition on the MAC and install Big Sur on there to run the scanner? Follow this link for instructions.
This is a clip from MACworld about Monterey release:

"USB issues
There have also been reports of a problem with USB hubs. It appears that some USB hubs and some USB peripherals do not work properly after the upgrade.

It seems that some USB 3.0 ports no longer work following a Monterey upgrade.

The problem seems to be most common on computers that feature Apple’s M1 chip, but Intel Macs are also affected. In some cases, some ports work, but not others. For some users, the hubs do not work at all."