How and when to switch between near and far scanning position

The SOL scanner has two positions that should be chosen depending on the size of your object.

A calibration needs to be performed every time you switch position.

Scanner in near position for small objects

Simply pull the connecting arm-stand down towards the turntable to scan small objects in near scanning position.

Untitled picture3

In this mode, the scanner is optimized for scanning smaller objects at very high detail. The scanning limits in this mode is a cylinder 100 mm in diameter and 100 mm tall ( 3.9 inches in diameter, 3.9 inches tall ).

Scanner in far position for larger objects

In far scanner position, the scanner and software can process larger objects. Simply push the connecting arm-stand back away from the turntable in a more upright posution.

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In this position, the scanner can handle objects that would fit in a cylinder 170 mm in diameter and 170 mm tall ( 6.69 inches in diameter, 6.69 inches tall )


Near and Far Mode