How long will it take to scan?

How long it takes to do a full end-to-end 360° 10 sweep scanning pass (incl. calibration, scanning and meshing) depends highly on your computer hardware and the object complexity.

The scanning time is fixed for each pass from a capture perspective, but data processing time is dependent on the power and configuration of your computer.

Higher end graphics cards, which the software uses for many calculations will see higher performance in the computational intensive portions of building the model.

System requirements

Check if your computer meets the recommended system requirements:



How to find the specs on my computer

Full process times

Scanning modes High accuracy, Normal, Turbo Normal, Turbo
Resolution Full and Medium Medium and Low
Full process time*

Full resolution:
15 min. (Normal),
20 min. (High accuracy)

Medium resolution:
8 min. (Turbo)

Low resolution: NA

Full resolution: NA

Medium resolution:
20 min. (Normal)

Low resolution:
10 min. (Turbo)

* Process time pr complete 360° 10 sweep scanning pass (calibration, scanning and meshing). Depending on computer hardware and object complexity.

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