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How to use powder or spray when scanning

In most cases, SOL scans objects well without modification. However, for those cases where the object is too black, too shiny, too transparent or otherwise difficult to capture, applying a safe, removable spray may help. Here are some suggested scanning sprays for users in the US.

Warning: Scan Dimension offers no warranty as to the safety of your object if you use any of the materials listed here or that you find elsewhere to improve scanning of an object. Before applying any of the sprays listed, always observe the safety precautions and review each product's label prior to usage. Scan Dimension neither directly supports nor otherwise has an affiliation with any of the products listed below.

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Powder Fresh

Gold Bond - while this is not a scanning spray per se, but rather a foot/body spray, it works surprisingly well. It is very easy to apply and creates an even antiglare layer on the object.

Cyclododecane Spray

This spray is designed to evaporate from an object within several hours of application. Apply with care to avoid an uneven effect on the surface.

3D Laserscanning Anti-Glare Spray

This spray is the most frequently used spray of all. A large number of customers report using this specific spray. However, it does require manual removal after 3D scanning (with a microfibre cloth and dusting brush.

Krylon Dulling Spray

It leaves the texture and the color of the object unchanged from the original, while effectively removing the sheen and shininess. It works by adding an almost transparent, anti-reflective layer to the surface of the object. Kenro Kenair Anti-Reflect is also similar to this spray.

Spray based powders:

  • Magnaflux SKD-S2 Developer Spray
  • Rocol Leak & Flaw Detector Spray, Developer
  • Ambersil Leak & Flaw Detector Spray, Developer
  • Ardrox NQ1 Developer Spray
  • CRC 20790-AJ Testing Material Crick 130 500 ml
  • Krylon 5894 Marking Chalk White

Matte primer paints:

  • HYCOTE XUK610 Plastic Primer Aerosol Spray Paint
  • Halfords Plastic Primer Spray Grey 300ML

Unusual but helpful and easy-to-find alternatives:

  • Dry shampoo
  • Deodorant powder sprays
  • Any talcum powder
  • Any water-based paint, if applicable
  • Cermark laser-marking spray (rinses away with water)

For an example of how we used one of these solutions. See our KB article here.